The PugDala Coloring Book won the 2016 Maxwell Medallion award for Series of Illustrations from the Dog Writers Association of America in February of this year. Because of this, DWAA featured a PugDala mandala on the cover of its member newsletter, RuffDrafts.


PugDala Coloring Book is one of several books in the ‘Dala Coloring book series by Laurren Darr and Left Paw Press. Following is a listing of additional books in the series along with links on Amazon.


PugDala Coloring Book  https://amzn.com/194335622X

CatDala Coloring Book  https://amzn.com/1943356238

DogDala  https://amzn.com/1943356246

ChickenDala Coloring Book  https://amzn.com/1943356254

OwlDalas Coloring Book https://amzn.com/1943356262

FarmDala Coloring Book  https://amzn.com/1943356270

HorseDala Coloring Book  http://a.co/fsAyXgF

FishDala Coloring Book  http://a.co/16MT165

HamsterDala Coloring Book  http://a.co/3N5otIx

UnicornDala Coloring Book http://a.co/gnKx49J