La Pug Con La Caperucita Roja

La Pug Con La Caperucita Roja – Paperback

Pintadita, la perrita Pug con una Caperucita Roja, ama a su abuela, quien le regaló esa hermosa capa terciopelo rojo para cuando valla a visitarla a su casa por el bosque o se pueda sentar a descansar en el pasto. Un día, la abuela se enferma y la madre de Pintadita le pide llevarle un poco de sopa y algo de agua carbonatada. La sabia madre le ordena a la pequeña Pug: “Nada de distracciones” durante su viaje.

Pero, ya en el bosque, Pintadita se topa con el lobo, quien ella no sabe que está buscando tener una deliciosa comida a base de perritos Pug. Cuando el lobo la invita a tomarse unos minutos y disfrutar de la belleza del bosque, a Pintadita se le olvidan las palabras de su madre y se distrae, dejando que el lobo lleve a cabo su malévolo plan. ¿Será que el destino intervendrá y salvará a Pintadita y a su abuela de ser comidas por el lobo? Sus niños sin duda se divertirán leyendo e imaginando esta versión del famoso cuento de hadas de Caperucita Roja, ilustrado con lindas imágenes evocativas a cargo de Florina Boldi. Este es un cuento o historieta de Pugs, un gran lobo malo, un cazador, y del por qué es tan importante escuchar y obedecer a los padres.


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About Laurren Darr

Laurren Darr finds joy through the bonds created through pet fashion between humans and their pets. She is on a mission to unleash the overall visibility of the pet fashion industry through empowerment of pet fashion professionals. She has over twenty-five years marketing experience and has consulted with companies of all sizes- specializing in trade show marketing. Darr has won over 40 marketing awards and is a #1 best-selling author.

More importantly, she's been a pug lover since her first rescue of White Pines Tuttie circa age five. Tuttie was a magnificent creature that let little Laurren do everything with her. They played together, bathed together, ate together, and slept in the same bed. Most of all, Tuttie was completely happy to let Laurren dress her up, put clippy earrings and lipstick on her, and push her around in a laundry cart. She understands the deep roots and connections created between humans and animals through fashion because of this kinship. Her book about Tuttie, Lipstick On A Pug, won the Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Medallion for 2015 Children's Book of the Year.

Her publishing imprint, Left Paw Press, has printed numerous books on pet fashion, pug children's, medical, racing, and coloring. PugDala Coloring Book, a mindfulness coloring book, also won a Maxwell. In August 2013, Laurren combined her marketing experience and lifelong love of pet fashionology to launch the Pet Fashion Guild, an organization created to provide educational materials and tools for pet fashion professionals.

She's been named a "Paw-er Woman" by Fidose of Reality blog and was a 2015 & 16 finalist for Pet Industry Woman of the Year by Women In The Pet Industry. In 2018, Pet Age named her a Woman of Influence. Laurren earned her pet fashion certification from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City in 2015. Laurren now lives in the Racing Capital of the World in Indiana. Her life is busy with her race car driving son, Zachary Tinkle and geneticist husband, Brad Tinkle.