Pug Sarge and the Super Soaking Snot Blaster is available in paperback on Amazon.   

Sarge is an opinionated pug that likes things to go his own way. When they don’t, he has a special way of letting everyone know it.

This is a bubbly story of a rescue pug that thoroughly enjoys being a smooshy face breed with an amazing ability to soak his surroundings from his flat nose.

Told from sneaky Sarge’s perspective, this story depicts life as a pug with an ability to blast his family members with such propulsion that makes it a force to be reckoned with.

While Sarge considers this to be a sign of great affection, the family has different feelings about the matter.

Pug, dog, and animal lovers from all backgrounds will laugh at this story told in the ‘attitude of pug.’ Anyone that has encountered a flush-faced breed will delight in the truthfulness and realistic portrayal of life with one of these dogs.