The LOI International Official Media Outlook Book

The LOI International Official Media Outlook Book is available in Paperback for $24.95.

With today’s convergence and economy, smart companies are making moves to sustain and grow.  The media conglomerates of today will not be the same in two, five, or twenty years from now.  This book is a series of conversations with several of today’s top trendsetters to see how media will be different over the next couple years. (See list of interviewees below).

“The Official LOI International Media Outlook Book” is a resource that paints a picture of the media landscape in a way that incorporates all facets of media— and how they must work together to be successful.


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Aside from getting up-close insight into the minds of these thought leaders, you’ll get an understanding of:

  • Emerging technology, end-user, and operational trends
  • How media entities will converge over the next couple years
  • Technological changes that will affect every aspect of life

Join in these conversations with author Lauren L. Darr as she chats with several thought leaders that are both behind the scenes and in the public eye.

ISBN:  978-0-9825771-0-3

Following is a list of  interviewees:

  • Don Backus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ENCO Systems
  • Scott Blumenthal, Executive Vice President, LIN Television Corporation
  • Lou Bortone, Online Video Guru
  • Ivan Braiker, CEO, HipCricket
  • Bob Cauthen, President, SCMS Inc.
  • Sarah Foss, Media Executive
  • Sid Guel, President, Broadcast Automation Consulting
  • Jim Hauptstueck, Director Domestic Radio Sales, ERI Inc.
  • Guy Kawasaki, Founding Partner, Garage Technology Ventures
  • Elliott Klein, Principal FM Idaho Company and Locally Owned Radio, LLC
  • Pat Lynch, Founder and CEO, Women’s Online Media and Education Network
  • Harold Miller, President, Miller Communications
  • Debbi Offenberger, Assistant Vice President, MarketMatch
  • Kay Olin, President Local Focus
  • Erik Qualman, Author, “Socialnomics”
  • Rob Rohr, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Cox Ohio Media
  • Clint! Runge, Co-Founder/Creative Director, Archrival
  • Peter Shankman, Founder, Help A Reporter Out (HARO)
  • Marcy Timpone, Senior Vice President Operations and Finance, Granite Broadcasting
  • Jay Tyler, Director of Sales, Wheatstone Corporation
  • Stefan Williman, Partner, Quivergy
  • Tom Zarecki, Senior Marketing Executive, Jetcast