Downloadable Zachary Tinkle Fan Freebie


What’s Included?


Zachary Tinkle Hero Card

• Limited edition design

• Convenient download


Zachary Tinkle Coloring Page

• Print it out and color as many paint schemes as you want

• Post it to social media and tag Zachary to suggest a paint scheme


Zachary Tinkle DIY Bookmark

• Artwork from Zachary Tinkle’s MiniCup Decision book

• Easy Do-It-Yourself Instructions


Zachary Tinkle’s MiniCup Decision sample

• Beautiful two-page spread illustrated by ‘Nunoh’

• Sample showing the wonderful story

• #1 Hot New Seller on Amazon when released


Zachary Tinkle’s MiniCup Rookie of the Year Dream sample

• Richly illustrated two-page spread

• Amazing story of perseverance

• #1 New Release on Amazon when released